Red Wine & Gold Dragon Scales Custom Printed Running Shoes

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These running shoes have the most beautiful red wine and gold dragon scales printed on them. Kings and queens from afar would pay a chest of gold coins to own them!


What you wear on your feet says a lot about a person. Put your best foot forward with these insanely lightweight shoes. Great for running or casual wear.


  • Dragons
  • Sci-fi Fantasy
  • Dragon Scales
  • Custom Printed Shoes

• Mens Sizes: US 5-12 (No Half Sizes)

• Womens Sizes: US 6-12 (No Half Sizes)

• Polyester Fiber

• Durable/Lightweight Construction

• EVA Sole

• Ergonomically Streamlined Foot Curve

• Easy-to-Clean Anti-Corrosion Materials

• Shipped in Protective Shoebox